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Join up with us to explore Peru through the eyes of locals. Go, Do and See what they do!

You will discover together with people who know and love their country three varied geographical areas; The Coast, the Andes and the Amazon. This will allow you to have a sense of its diverse ecosystems and nature biodiversity.You will enjoy as well a big variety of culinary tastes, and sophisticated gourmet dishes.

Lima is located on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Travelers usually continue immediately to Machu Picchu area. This is a mistake, they are missing an exotic fascinating city. For the foody lovers and real gastronomic connoisseurs, Lima is a must.

A must-see, of course,in Peru is Machu Picchu! The trip by train goes side-by-side to the riverbed, mountains and sub-tropical vegetation, a unique journey to the Incas sanctuary and a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The Peruvian Amazon, a place where you will combine two great feelings, adventure and peaceful moments.The diversity of flora and fauna, amazing amount of stars, lovely sunsets, a luxury lodge and the Amazonas combination of sounds makes this place spectacular We will add fun, magic and life time memories to the whole trip.
Read how…


We believe that we get touched by moments which are created spontaneously – Feelings arise in our hearts, mind and soul when we are touched unexpectedly by nature, beauty, exotic locations, new flavors, people…… new situations!

In the attached PDF you will find a day-by-day description. Underneath a general explanation of what you will see and feel.


We start our adventure in Lima, the capital city of Peru which is located in the frontline of the Pacific Ocean! A city where eating fresh fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit is part of their daily life. Their fruit and herbs variations at their markets are amazing and you will be wondering about the name of that new exotic fruit you have never seen before. A gourmet city with an excellent quality and creative cuisine combined with its delicious Pisco Sour cocktails is waiting for you.

Lima is the result of an interesting blend of history, multiracial mix of people, and an amazing multicultural place. Friendly and service oriented, sophisticated and exotic, you will be surrounded by cars which you wonder how they still work; modern, colonial and pre-Inca pyramids can be found in one same street. You will discover Old Colonia Lima by walking with local experts, show you the museums and historic buildings which are worth seeing, and “Limeños” favourite market. Good design and excellent quality textiles, alpaca garments, jewelry and handcraft art.


From the coast line we fly to the Andes main city of Cusco. Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire and an access point to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

Your 5 days plan is based on three main areas:

a)       The SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS was named so by them due to its immense importance for the Inca Empire Period.

The valley is incredibly large, amazingly fertile, surrounded by beautiful and magnificent Andes Mountains and a wide river which is essential for their living. In certain months rafting can be organized. Fortunately indigenous agriculture is ongoing, and it brings us 4,000 varieties of potatoes, corn, quinoa, other cereals you won’t even recognize, coca leaves, vegetables and fruits.

We suggest changing one of your car journeys into an easy going horse riding at 4, 000mts altitude among the richness of Peruvian agriculture and farmers, no need of previous experience is required, This option is decided individually and can be done over there. 

  b)       MACHU PICCHU & AGUAS CALIENTES VILLAGE. Sleeping in “Aguas Calientes” will allow you to see Machu Picchu  in the early morning when only some few are allowed to climb the Huayna Picchu Mountain Peak Your group will have a private English expert guide for a couple of hours at Machu Picchu archeological site. Lunch at the Machu Picchu luxury restaurant located at an exclusive site. After lunch take pleasure on walking around Machu Picchu freely and enjoy its magic.
Sleeping in-situ at Machu Picchu ruins is possible only at one Luxury hotel, where at least 3 months reservation is needed. If you wish to do so, please let us know as soon as possible!

c)       THE UNEXPECTED, UNKNOWN & COLORFUL CITY OF CUSCO. Cusco was the political and military capital of the Inca Empire, the largest in pre-Columbian America. It included a large portion of South America; this is part of present Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and small part of Colombia.

Cusco is a must due to its history and heritage buildings, and we promise you its charm has only increased with time, small Inca streets, great textiles, amazing restaurants which are hidden in small courtyards decorated by a New Yorker, an ex-hippie, or a Peruvian artist. Once again you will find a delicious cuisine everywhere around.

Surrounded by Incas archaeology and historic colonial architecture you will understand the importance of the Capital City of the Empire and the effect the Spanish conquer had.

Remember, our goal is to show you what we love and enjoy! So we won’t let you miss the main food market and best of all…. Eat a huge avocado and drink a real fresh seasonal fruit juice. This market is the place where locals have their daily lunch. If you feel, buy some coca leaves and let a “chaman” read what the leaves have to tell to you.

Cusco is a pleasant surprise for everyone!


You have seen the Pacific Coast, the Andes and now you will experience some life-changing days free from the complexity of city life in the peaceful landscape of the Amazonas. Trust us, it will only make a positive impact on you.
Your days will pass-by doing exciting and fun activities surrounded by nature’s beauty, together with moments for your own listening to the sounds of the  Amazonas.

 You fly back to Lima, visit main neighbourhoods and….. take pleasure of Peruvian cuisine and a Pisco Sour before you get back home full of photos and anecdotes to tell!
We guarantee you a trip that you will always remember.

Date & Prices

13 Days & 12 nights

Available all year-around upon request. Flexibility and adaptability to your liking. From 1 to any amount of passengers

Underneath quotation is made based on a small group of friends-family:

  • Minimum passengers 6
  • Top class 4* hotel in Lima and Cusco.
  • Top class charming hotels in The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu village.
  • Luxury eco-lodge in Amazonas National Park area.


  • 12 nights Hotel/Lodge with breakfast.
  • 7 lunches
  • 3 dinners
  • Entrance fees to Lima’s Cathedral/Museum, the Monastery of San Francisco de Asis, its museum and its catacombs
  • Entrance fee to 4 Museums, 8 Archeological Sites in Cusco and 4 Main Archeological sites in the Sacred Valley
  • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu
  • Train ticket to Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes train station). Round trip
  • Bus ticket to Machu Picchu. Round trip
  • All transfers between airport and hotel with private car and driver:
    1) Arrival: Lima airport – Hotel
    2) Lima hotel – Lima airport – Cusco airport – Urubamba valley Hotel
    3) Cusco Hotel – Cusco airport – Puerto Maldonado airport (Amazonas)
    4) Puerto Maldonado airport – boat to lodge – Lodge to airport
    5) Lima airport – Lima Hotel
    6) Departure Day Lima Hotel – Lima airport
    7) A complete morning in Lima with private driver for visiting the main residential and commercial neighborhoods
    8) Trip from Cusco to Sacred Valley Hotel as a relaxed trip with stopovers with scenic views
  • Three (3) National air tickets:
    1) Lima – Cusco
    2) Cusco – Puerto Maldonado (Amazonas)
    3) Puerto Maldonado – Lima
  • Private English guide in itinerary’s mentioned tours:
    1) Machu Picchu visit
    2) Full morning historical center of Lima city: city walking tour + Cathedral, San Francisco Church and Catacombs
    3) Market visit in Lima
    4) Pisac Village Market
    5) Chincheros Village Market
    6) Maras salt mine and trek the valley
    7) Ollantaytambo archeological site of the first Inca Emperor Manco Capac
    8) Cusco walking city tour
    9) Sacsahuayman ruins and if you feel like it some other ruins on the surroundings
    10) In the Amazon Lodge all programs described on the itinerary are included


  • International flight.  Can be booked and issued by Michi Moments Travel
  • Travel insurance nor cancellation insurance
  • Any service taxes or tips
  • 18% Peru VAT. Read more under Terms & Conditions
  • Airports departure taxes.  Peru applies various rates to for both national and international flights. To be paid there
  • No alcoholic beverages nor beverages not included with your lunches or dinners
  • Cancellation insurance of hotels, activities, national flight tickets nor international flight ticket
  • Any of the suggested activities mentioned on the program which you may choose once you are there or any other activity you decide on location. Michi Moments local partner, if you wish, can help you organizing it for you.
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, communication charges (telephone, internet)

As it is custom made the PRICE is indicative from 25,500 sek to 30,000 sek

Deposit per Person Required at Time of Booking

45 days prior to departure or more                             40% of program price
30 days prior to departure                                         60% of program price                          

Return flight ticket Stockholm – Lima – Stockholm not included.
With KLM is approximately between 12,000kr and 13,000kr
One stopover in Amsterdam with total amount hours “airport to airport” of approximately 16 hours



  • According to Peruvian Law, to avoid paying the 18% IGV (VAT) tax applied to Hotels, foreigners (non-Peruvians nationals) must present at the moment of check-in at the hotel:
    Your Andean Immigration Card (TAM) stamped by Customs
    Your original passport stamped by Migration
  • All passengers are responsible of bringing the above documents when checking-in at any hotel or lodge. If by any reason you don’t have them, Michi Moments Travel will not take charge of the correspondents 18% IGV (VAT)
    This will be paid at the hotel counter by credit card or cash



  • Peru is familiar to credit cards and you will find this option in almost every Hotel, Restaurant and Shops
  • You will be staying at Hotels who accept all main credit cards
  • We recommend you carry cash (Peruvian Soles) for taxis, tips, buying at markets, small shops, snacks and drinks at small restaurants and some local activities. It is quite easy to change either Euros or Dollars into Peruvian Soles
  • Bring solar protection – mainly face sunblock, mosquito repellent, your personal first-aid kit. For the jungle we recommend lightweight long sleeve shirt and pants, light rain jacket, hat, sunglasses, swimsuit, camera, binoculars.
  • No vaccinations are required for travel to Peru. Thou please check



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