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In this experience we offer visitors to flavor the atmosphere of Cordoba city and its surroundings

You will visit the Cordoba’s Patios (Courtyards), declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the narrow streets of this ancient city.
Savor an authentic salmorejo and the best dishes and recipes in the city.

Visit the Montilla-Moriles area where you will taste their best quality known local wines. Enjoy the beauty of the area, thereafter you are privately driven to the “Subbetica Mountains” where you will do various relaxing activities while savoring the quiet and peaceful surroundings.

Day 1


The patio route. (Cordova private courtyards)

This tour focuses on the Alcázar and the old neighborhood of San Basilio famous for hosting some of the most recognized and Awarded City Courtyards. We will walk through the streets of the old neighborhood of Cordova, enjoying the stories and company of the patio owners, who gladly open the doors of their homes for us.

We finish with a delicious gazpacho or cold soup and of course a good wine.

From there we head to Choco restaurant, where Chef Kisko García will open its doors, considered by critics as one of the best youngest Chefs in the New Andalusian cuisine. The cuisine is a blend of tradition and modernity, between the simplicity of traditional products and a refined technique.

In the evening we take a promenade to visit the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and enjoy it at night. Declared heritage site by UNESCO in 1984.

Day 2

Montilla-Moriles wine region where we will head to the family owned Hacienda La Vereda, located in the heart of the Sierra Montillana, stategic spot in Andalucia. The family dedicates its land to their own agriculture products such as the local “Montilla-Moriles” white wine. Enjoy their Bodegas, taste their homegrown wine and visit the olive oil mill.

After having lunch at the Haciendas restaurant enjoy your afternoon at your own pace with a variety of outdoors activities. You will have the possibility of renting a bike, horse ride in their huge land, dressage, horse carriage ride, or visit their stables, take long walks on its beautiful nature or relax near the pool.

Dinner in la Vereda Hacienda.

Day 3 

In the morning we will go to the National Park area of the Subbetica Mountains where we will have a series of optional and complementary activities.

We start the morning with a guided visit of the white Moorish village “Zucheros”.

Although unknown it’s a charming site of historic, artistic and cultural interest. It has all the essence and authenticity of being away from stereotypes.

In this beautiful village we will visit and taste delicious high quality goat cheese manufactured locally. Have the chance of visiting a family owned artisan cheese producer; their livestock and manufacturing.

Lunch at Doña Mencia. Traditional regional food.

In the afternoon cycling route along the Ruta verde (GreenWay) from Doña Mencia to Cabra (roundtrip)
It runs parallel to the edge of the Natural Park of Sierras Subbéticas, offering unbeatable views and unthinkable stillness being at the same time so close to the small villages.

On your way back we make a stop-over at a wine cellar in Doña Mencia, with 100 years of history.
Take a guided visit of the bodega and take pleasure of wine tasting on their different varieties.

In the afternoon, after visiting the village of Doña Mencia we will stop along the way and head to the restaurant Morejon House, located in the heart of town, where we will taste traditional pastries and bakery.
According to the description of the writer D. Juan Valera (XIX); washed down with sweet liqueurs from  Dona Mencia, such as rosoli, homemade bakery.

Dinner at the Hacienda where you stay overnight.

Day 4

Transfer to airport and farewell.



Available all year-around upon request

Private tour from 2 to 20 people

Flexibility and adaptability to your liking

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