All our journeys are developed entirely by us together with our thoroughly selected partners and collaborators
They have been created with the objective of being inspiring, flexible and to service you with a high quality warm personalized service

Partners and Collaborators

Working with various multicultural people around the globe is not easy, neither for one side nor the other.
The core importance of collaboration is mutual respect, a valuing of difference, and a high level of trust.

As Michi Moments Travel philosophy is delivering not only quality and personalized service, but also creative itineraries, activities and places; we carefully elect our international partners and collaborators.

These are some fundamental patterns for achieving our goal.

  • Trust
  • Agree on vision & shared goals- With excellent creativity when designing the programs, fair travel and sense of
    responsibility towards local entrepreneurs and people. Love what they do.
  • Strong execution-By identifying and utilizing the strengths of each partner and good flexibility to deliver the best for our clients. Constant development of the New Travel Luxury Concept.
  • Having compatible styles- Show the traditional on a less traditional way. Travel the back roads.

Michi Moments starts a new destination or program after having met directly and known personally the people who will team up with us in this fascinating sector.


Profile of some of our collaborators

Boosts the local economy – Enhances your experience

Owners of rural charming hotels, tourism entrepreneurs, skilled cooks, chefs, professional local guides, photographers, artists, owners of wineries, estates, horses, ranches, intellectual and spiritual “Sikh’s”, artisans. They are creative, proactive, friendly, and part of our team.