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The Huahine Experience – The Secret Island

Hermosa (pretty) was the name given by discoverers of Huahine island Huahine has its particular charm. Locally is referred as “secret island” or “authentic island” The island is a cocktail of Polynesian scenarios and activities. Natural beauty, intense encounters with its inhabitants, infinite possibilities to relax, […]

The Moorea Experience – A Natural Playground

Moorea is a pleasure for all senses – colorful, flowered and radiant moments The Island is a natural playground which allows many activities. The quiet waters allow canoeing, paddle boarding, kite boarding, water skiing, and surfing in certain areas. A haven for divers which will […]

The Taha´a Experience – Barefooted Moments

YOUR BAREFOOTED DAYS surrounded by spontaneous elegance and sophisticated gastronomy In Tahaa island time seems to have stopped. It is known as “vanilla kingdom” where discovering the secrets of vanilla in its natural environment, will make it even more charming. Tahaa looks like a huge […]