Art & Photography

A touch of bohemian moments.
What better way of feeling like a local than going to the hidden corners and favorite places of our local photographers and artists.

Michi Moments gives the opportunity to stay close to artists and their artworks, visit their studios and most importantly interact with them by painting according to their individual techniques.
Get familiar with the area, enjoy the light and be at the right place and the right time.

Biking & Walking

Leave behind schedules!
Feel like going for a quick escape from daily life?
Explore beautiful routes that lead to the most untouched sites of our destinations.
These active trips allow you to combine the peace of the great outdoors with local pleasures such as wine tastings, excellent food and singular activities.

Culture & Historical Sites

Saw it – Loved it!
Awake your curiosity by visiting the world’s most inspiring cultural and historical sites.
Learn about the Inca culture by walking up the terraces of Machu Picchu in Peru, admire the Taj Mahal’s architecture in India or delve into Spain’s unique multicultural heritage at the Alhambra in Granada.
Let yourself be impressed

Easy Weekend Getaways

Imagine your special moments
Experience the perfect weekend through a balanced range of programs that allow for both relaxation and exciting activities.
Take a mini vacation and enjoy life. Charming rural hotels, great food and wine, cooking lessons, scenic trails and vivid culture are all within reach.
Or simply watch the stars and enjoy a nice conversation.

Eco & Sustainable

Takes you closer to the local people
Besides travelling to natural areas, wilderness or rural milieu it implies helping to conserve the environment and to provide local benefits – culturally and economically.
An eco-sustainable tourist goes with a local guide, stays in a locally operated eco-lodge or hotels engaged on seeking to reduce the environmental impacts and contributes to the local economy.
For Michi Moments it means as well small groups, a learning experience, and emphasizing, as much as possible, local ownership particularly in rural areas, small villages and the well-being of local people.

Fun, Adventure & Nature

What does adventure mean to you?
A positive feeling that will stay in your memory, an individual or shared moment that you are proud of having taken part of, something that challenges and inspires you.
Through local expertise, Michi Moments creates trips of adventure and discovery where you connect with yourself, others and the distinctive characteristics of our destinations.

Horse Riding - Intermediate & Advanced Level

Traditional and ancient families who have by generations breed horses and dedicated to them. Independent people who decided buying a farm, own the horses and wish sharing the beauty and charm of the area where they live and horse ride.
Riders will have numerous opportunities to explore the countryside and villages thanks to our local partners - your hosts will make the experience an authentic horseback riding adventure.

Local Gastronomy & Wine

Michi suggests: Let´s go local!
Gastronomy is one of the most genuine expressions of local culture. Experience a traditional culinary trip and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, the spices of India, or Lima´s (Peru) well-known gourmet restaurants.
Embrace the authentic culture of the destination through our selected activities.

Small Groups & Fixed Departures

Our philosophy of what a trip should be is based on the stimulating experiences that take place when traveling in small groups. It is truly the only way to get a feeling of independence and flexibility.
Michi Moments is able to create this effect by developing products outside the most frequented routes.
Discover the key ingredients...
Along with our local partners, we organize exciting activities that bring closeness with the locals, encouraging them to share their culture, life, and dreams with you.

Special Interests & Exclusive

There is something quite special about personal interests and hobbies. People may have different personalities or cultural background, the beauty of it lies that they bring different people together.
We love this concept of developing them specifically for you – the passionate – it makes us be passionate and fills us with energy.
Exclusive places, hotels and activities.