The fabulous Peru
This will be something different than available elsewhere, where you as a traveler will connect its people and their culture.

Machu Picchu – a must see!
When one hears of a place everyone wants to see, or a film higlhy recommended – the doubt arises –
will I like it as much as they say? I promise you will
I have been there several times and seen its tourist path changes since 1975. Still thrills me.

Its biodiversity and nature is out of doubtbridge

The Amazon area is peaceful, amazingy pretty, and touches your soul for ever!

Foody’s magazines write lately quite a lot and extremely well about Lima’s gastronomy.
The Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

Please take Michi’s knowledge of the place as an added value and let yourslef be guided by her to those specific hidden gems of Peru


Peru is where expectations meet realityDSC_0487-1-2


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