About the founder


My father – the best “Primus” seller at Amazonas River.

I imagine that it is my background that has inspired my curiosity to meet new people and explore different cultures. I was born in Lima, Peru. My father was Swedish and he had worked throughout Latin America. He fell in love, not only with Peru, but also with a Lima lady, and then I was born.

I remember my father as an entrepreneur and above all an explorer, a discoverer of the world.

I grew up surrounded by the Swedish colony that lived in Peru at the time. They wanted to experience the country´s culture and nature. So, in their free time they would travel the Amazon River in a raft, visit banana plantations, help the communities from the Andes after an earthquake or discover new untouched locations.

My mother´s side of the family gave me the artistic and intellectual part. Her influence taught me to appreciate the beauties of the world, feel
passion for whatever you decide doing in life, and the value of having an open mind.


My mother and stepfather – Stockholm’s Archipelago

The creation of Michi Moments

I worked in Spain for fifteen years as an executive producer for advertising and TV. This allowed me to explore many different places, specifically those that were the most beautiful, with the best light, the most unique. This gave me opportunity to discover “the real Spain and its people.”

I then worked for fifteen years as free-lance in Travel & Leisure for Latin American companies; eco and rural up-scale hotels, India, Peru, and Spain tourist board offices in Europe, while I kept on traveling.

During this time I developed strong relationships, both personal and professional, with people that share my view of leisure, traveling, and life. They are all passionate and outstanding professionals that have followed
their dreams, even changing their way of life to do so.


My son – Amazon River village

I decided to start Michi Moments to utilise my experience to create itineraries and programs that allow the travellers to explore our destinations in a less traditional and more genuine way. My purpose is to bring joy to the travellers and inspire them as I have been throughout my life.

Our collaborators

Owners of rural charming hotels, tourism entrepreneurs, skilled cooks, chefs, professional local guides, photographers, artists, owners of wineries, estates, horses, ranches, intellectual and spiritual “Sikh’s”, artisans. They are creative, proactive, friendly, and part of our team.

All of the partners of Michi Moments share our sense of responsibility and our wish to deliver the highest quality experiences to our travellers.


My business and life partner – Machu Picchu

Our Philosophy

To share with you – the connoisseur traveller – our curiosity, creativity, and professional knowledge.

To surprise you, provide quality, and pleasurable moments.